Snact Fruit Jerky

Beautiful dried fruit from surplus produce otherwise going to waste, transformed into a delicious fruit jerky

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Ilana (left) and Michael (right - in the image above) started Snact in 2013.

We actually met them right at the start of their journey, as Office Pantry was very much at our own humble beginning too.

The pair's enthusiasm for reducing food wastage was hugely infectious, and was one of those companies we always wanted within our range.

Why does Office Pantry love Snact?

Well not only does the fruit jerky taste amazing, but you're also eating a good deed as all the fruit ingredients (and it is only fruit inside!) all comes from surplus produce.

What is surplus produce?

Surplus produce is food that is otherwise going to waste.

We, as humans, massively over-produce the amount of food we need. So the amount we therefore waste is colossal - we're talking 30% of all food produced.


But the good news is the Snact team are taking wonky and oddly shaped fruits, mixing them up, drying them out and turning them into a beautiful fruit jerky to your taste buds' delight.

Produced in London

So if the fruits wasn't in this jerky form, it would be in the bin. The fruits are not deemed perfect enough for your fruit bowl, and this is what makes Snact so good for society.  

Snact Fruit Jerky Flavour Range

What flavours* do Snact make?

*By "flavours" we do of course mean: fruits that Snact make their different jerkies out of .

The range consists of:

  • Apple & Raspberry
  • Apple & Mango
  • Apple, Blueberry & Banana

Not only are the ingredients sustainably sourced, but also the packaging is sustainable. It is fully biodegradable, decomposing in just 180 days which is similar to an orange peel. Compostable packaging makes our world a better place.

We deliver this fruit jerky within the Office Pantry snack packs on a rotating basis. Remember that, as a customer, you can tailor your contents by giving us your feedback.

✓ Gluten Free

✓ Vegan Friendly

✓ British Produced

✓ No Artificial Flavourings

✓ Vegetarian Friendly

✓ Grandmother Approved

✓ No Artificial Colourings

✓ 1 of your 5 a day

✓ Tastes Damn Good

Producers: Ilana and Michael

Produced in: London

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