As magnificent as the English language is, sometimes there just isn't the right word to suit what we want to say. So at Office Pantry, we decided it was probably easier to make the "right words" up.

Our dictionary is small for now but we will add extra words as we come across more and more situations where we feel Samuel Johnson and those before and after him have missed a trick.

Hogswifflingly (adverb)

An adverb coined for when more boring synonyms (such as utterly, completely or entirely) seem a little bit too dull and predictable. 

Snackologist (noun)

An expert in all things to do with Our Honest Foods (Honestology). These guys are dazzlingly exciting to talk to and can talk all four legs (not just the hind legs) off a donkey when asked to talk about their favourite snack foods.

Snackorium (noun)

A cornucopia of delicious British snack foods, posted to a lucky recipient's preferred address. Snackoria (plural form) are best enjoyed with family, friends or colleagues, or, for less altruistic snackers, hidden inside the airing cupboard from family and friends who want to snaffle it.

Snacktopia (noun)

The place where delicious snacks come together to compete for attention and adulation. Rumour has it that Snacktopia was the next stop on the train from Olympus when Zeus was looking for a place to set up camp. Apparently he's gutted he bottled it too early. Recipients of our Home Boxes get a little taste of Snacktopia every month, the lucky souls.